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If you choose to wax your bikini line, we recommend doing it before you use a razor for touch-ups.If you decide you want to remove some (or all) of your pubic hair, there are of course more than few methods from which to choose.

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How to Wax Your Bikini Area at Home l how to do your own bikini wax 2016-06-23 HEALTHY LIFE this video describe you How to Wax Your Bikini Area at Home simply you can wax to see this Dont forget to subscribe my channel comments below and share.

If you are waxing hair in between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose, you will want to pull down towards your mouth.

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Make sure you avoid the vagina and focus on the external region.Clean and exfoliate the area first, then find a comfy place where you can perform the waxing.

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An expert from Ana Visage Day Spa explains how to wax your bikini area at home.

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While the mixture is cooling, wash the area you want to wax and dry it well.

Begin by taking a warm shower and scrub your skin lightly with a gentle body scrub.Use a popsicle stick or a small plastic spatula to spread a thin, even coating of the sugar wax on a small area of skin.In under 10 minutes, you can wax your own bikini line with sugaring.I use the in-shower mittens to prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating the waxed areas.The more popular waxing areas are typically the bikini or Brazilian, and the underarms.A Brazilian wax is where you leave the landing strip in front.

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Just shave the sides of your bikini line, or if you have time, come in and we can just wax the sides.

Test the temperature of the wax before you apply it to your bikini area.

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If you cannot prepare well, you would end up with great pain.

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Specific body waxing techniques include using waxing strips for removing unwanted hair or applying body wax directly to the area targeted for hair removal.Waxing is a great way to remove hair from your bikini area, but waxing can be uncomfortable and expensive at a salon.

If it is too long, the aesthetician will probably have you trim it, or if it is too short, it may be hard or impossible to remove.Hi, this is Lavern with Ana Visage and today we are going to be performing a bikini wax.What to do after waxing is to keep hands away from the waxed area, and cleanse the area gently again.

Now what we are going to need are sanitizer, baby powder, aloe vera, baby oil, alcohol, and toner and astringent and water, your wax kit, and also with that wax kit comes the strips and the sticks.You can either a) get a wax, or b) grab a pair of cuticle scissors and trim your hair as close to the skin as you can get it, then shave. 10 of 10 Getty Images Getty Images.The Full Facial Wax can include any area that you would like, but typically it includes an eyebrow shaping, upper lip, and chin wax.Before your wax, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear.

The best way I can describe waxing my own pubic bone is a combination between the pain that comes with being punched in the nose and the surprise that comes with being goosed in the butt by your.

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I want to wax the vagina lips, butt hole area - and about 90 percent of my hair in that area all off, but everything is fragile and at a weird angle.For example, never wax your pubic hairs during your menstrual cycle.To prepare for a bikini wax, you also need to be sure your pubic hair is of the right length.

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Make a sugaring solution at home and use it for a Brazilian wax by removing all the hair in the pubic region.Once it grows back, it will make waxing the area where you need to remove hair easier to follow.Waxing typical involves applying hot wax to the bikini area and using strips of cloth to remove the hairs.

A couple of weeks before waxing your bikini area, shave exactly where you want the hair to be removed and make the bikini lines even on both sides.

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