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The Static Line Progression Course is the classic method of learning to skydive.Static Line (SL or IAD) This training method begins with a student exiting an aircraft with an immediate parachute deployment.

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Our static line course means you learn to fly a modern ram air parachute before progressing onto freefall skills.With a military static line course you get to experience a round parachute jump in the same manner as military parachutists.

Static Line This course uses the most up-to-date equipment in the world of parachuting.

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This gift experience consists of 6 hours of training before doing the final jump of the airplane.Click the button below to add the RESERVE STATIC LINE (WITH SKYHOOK) (NEW) to your wish list.

The beautiful quaint town nestled east of Bhopal is a fascinating skydiving destination in India owing to its picturesque beauty and infrastructure for organizing skydiving camps.

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One full day of ground-training is all that is required to carry out your first solo parachute jump from 4,000ft.The military also uses this type of parajumping, when you see soldiers in a row all leaving a plane they are static line jumping.Enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing the breathtaking landscaped beauty beneath.Your static line skydive is the first jump in a progression training program that will allow you to achieve freefall goals in a slower paced environment than the faster paced, intense method of Accelerated Freefall (AFF).

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The student then works up to 10 second and 15 second delays before going to full altitude.Learn about the fdifferences and why WSC fully embraces AFF training over static line jumps.

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The USPA is a body which provides guidelines to help us stay safe, as well as governing the training and qualification processes that mean we can become qualified skydivers and instructors.

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Static line jumps are only the beginning of the student progression.


In the original military training, known as a static-line program, a skydiver exits the aircraft and wears a chute that is deployed by a tether line.At Skydive Toledo our main focus is on teaching people to skydive and promoting skydiving safety.

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We offer Tandem Skydiving, AFF Skydiving Instruction, Static line Skydiving Instruction, gear sales, rigging, demo services, and aircraft leasing.

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The static line jump is from 3500ft and the parachute opens automatically on exit leaving me with 4 mins of gliding.

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As experienced professional skydivers at Skydive Coastal Carolinas, freefall is a sensation we are used to, but never take for granted.Customers who bought this product also bought: SNAP PIN - 55B6261: PARACHUTE STATIC LINE SNAP HOOK - NSN:1670-01-476-3142.

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This means that by the time the paratroopers descent has transitioned from horizontal (think about it - you start your fall while travelling at the same speed as the aircraft) to the vertical, the canopy is pretty much fully open.

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However: static line parachute jumps are a rare beast in the world of skydiving certification today.Many skydiving centers, like Skydive Coastal Carolinas, are members of the United States Parachute Association (USPA).When it comes to IAD versus Static Line, a lot of prospective student skydivers have questions.A static line is a fixed cord attached to a large, stable object.

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